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United Way of the Lower Mainland Higher Needs

What we did:

  • 3 Year summative evaluation (ongoing 2020-2023) assessing the Higher Needs Program
  • Collaboration with UBC health utilization researchers
  • Alignment with the UWLM learning and quality assurance plan

The United Way of the Lower Mainland contracted the Howegroup to conduct a 3-year evaluation of their Integrated Community-Based Programs for Older Adults with Higher Needs Program.

Using a mixed methods approach the Howegroup is designing the evaluation in collaboration with health utilization researchers from UBC and to align with the United Way’s Learning and Quality Assurance Plan. The central purpose of this summative evaluation is to assess and communicate the effects and changes resulting from the Higher Needs Program on the people and communities it is designed to serve.

The evaluation will also examine and report on the program’s context, implementation, and diverse service delivery models. Results from the evaluation will support accountability, quality improvement and ongoing learning and adaptation as well as align with the Ministry of Health’s Triple Aim approach to building health systems.

(In collaboration with Catalyst Consulting)