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Broad stakeholder engagement & analysis of WorkSafeBC data to create recommendations for occupational health safety program expansion.

What we did:

  • Current state review
  • Environmental scan of seven industries 
  • Financial review to develop financial model 
  • Findings brief and facilitate session to create recommendations
  • Final report with recommendations and presentation to the Board

SafetyDriven (Trucking Council Safety Council of BC) is the Health and Safety Association for general trucking and moving and storage companies in BC.

Our challenge was to complete an in-depth investigation into new growth opportunities resulting in a business case to support viable areas for growth. The SafetyDriven Board ratified a strategic plan with an overarching vision to lead the safety culture for the road transportation industry including the potential of adding up to eight new sectors (i.e. bus line, dump truck, waste removal). 

Our investigation included detailed industry description (concentration, operations, occupation, accident claims, influencers, risk), expected demand and interest, competition, financial modeling and assessment of overall culture for each of the eight industries. The challenge for us was to bring vast amounts of data together, from multiple sources, to create clear recommendations for growth.