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SafeCare BC

The Howegroup was contracted by the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) in 2013 to undertake the organizational start-up for SafeCare BC.

What we did:

  • Conducted a best practice review
  • Conducted an environmental scan 
  • Conducted a training needs assessment
  • Developed an organizational framework and governance structure
  • Determined staffing 
  • Established the physical infrastructure, overseeing legal and accounting budgetary requirements, communications plan and stakeholder engagement.

We worked closely with the BCCPA Board, senior leaders, employers, unions and WorkSafeBC, in consultation with the Continuing Care Safety Association of Alberta, to determine the needs and the impact to the sector. We conducted interviews, focus groups and surveys with key stakeholders from across the province. We worked with BCCPA’s CEO and Board Chair to determine the financial impact to member organizations and to BCCPA as well as the soon to be health and safety association – SafeCare BC. We developed the financial and operational framework for SafeCare BC, under a shared services model with BCCPA.

The Howegroup was subsequently engaged to determine the impact of expanding SafeCare BC to include home care. Again, we worked closely with senior leaders, staff and the Board of SafeCare BC and WorkSafeBC to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment with a wide stakeholder group, including employers, front line staff, training institutions, unions and employer associations. We conducted a needs assessment that examined the need for occupational health and safety training, education and resources for the home support sector. We also conducted a literature review to examine what information and resources currently exist regarding occupational health and safety training that is relevant and transferable to the home support sectors in BC. A best practice review was conducted to identify best practices applicable to SafeCare BC, particularly within the context of health and safety associations expanding their mandates to include additional sectors. An environmental scan was conducted to provide an overview of occupational health and safety training programs, curriculum, and resources to support the home support sector in BC. Workers and employers were consulted through surveys and interviews to determine their training and learning needs and priorities specific to home support in BC. We worked closely with SafeCare BC leadership to determine the marginal benefit and develop economies of scale for the inclusion of home care.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Howegroup. Their approach to understanding their client’s needs, communicating, and responding to feedback is excellent. Most importantly, their work is consistently of high quality. I would strongly recommend them.” - Jennifer Lyle, CEO